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Everyone is thinking it, “What are the mosquitoes going to be like this summer?”

If you were in Northwest Wisconsin for Memorial Weekend last year, you probably remember just how bad the mosquitoes were, it was impossible to spend any time outside without constantly swatting at bugs. This year may not have been as bad, but don’t be fooled into thinking it is going to be a “slow” mosquito season.

WKOW out of Madison reports the latest buzz from public health officials is that the mosquito season is off to a slower start than last year, but that does not mean the season will be weaker than normal. Dane County Environmental Health Services Supervisor, John Hausbeck explains, “Most years the mosquito season starts in early to mid-May. This year however, thanks to the unusually cold temperatures, the season probably won’t start until early June.”

The intensity of the season will all depend on the weather these next few weeks. If the weather brings heat and rain – it won’t be more than a few days before we’re under attack again. Don’t get stuck swatting your way around the yard like last year – give our office a call today to schedule your season package before the peak season hits.

Nicole Ricci
Mosquito Squad of Northwest WI
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