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The mosquito population is expected to boom sometime between June 11 and June 25, 2015.

Susan Paskewitz, professor of entomology at UW-Madison, told the Wisconsin Radio Network, “In the traps coming in, you can see in some areas the numbers are really starting to pick up.” The combination of heat and rain we have been experiencing lately creates perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes.

As the population increases, families need to be aware of the diseases mosquitoes can transmit. Even though Paskewitz says Wisconsinites have a “remote risk of being infected”, it is always a concern. Although Wisconsin has not been one of the states that has had a major epidemic of outbreaks, right across the border in Illinois, Chicago has had several years with recurrent problems.

The saliva a mosquito injects while biting a host is also responsible for the red, itchy bump that appears. Your body is responding to the introduction of new proteins and other molecules into your system. Some people are more attractive to mosquitoes than others. It could be related to one’s diet, skin bacteria, perspiration, body temperature, or color of clothing.

To reduce the chance of getting mosquito bites, Paskewitz recommends eliminating standing water on your property that can be caused by clogged rain gutters, birdbaths, and spent tires. She also recommends wearing long sleeves and pants, and using a mosquito repellent.

For additional protection Mosquito Squad’s most popular barrier treatment will reduce ticks and mosquitoes by 85-90% with consistent treatment throughout the season.


2015 Mosquito Forecast

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