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The midwest is experiencing high mosquito counts due to frequent rain showers, damp soil and pooling water in many cases.

Hundreds of mosquitoes can hatch in very little standing water – in fact, just a water bottle capful of water can produce hundreds of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are thriving right now in this warm and humid weather where they seek shaded, low-light areas and are most commonly seen at dawn and dusk. Listen to what the news had to say about the rise in mosquitoes!

Of course, accompanied by mosquitoes comes the itchy pain of the bite and the possibility of disease. Mosquitoes in Wisconsin were recently found infected with West Nile Virus. Check out our recent blog post for more information.

To prevent copious amounts of mosquitoes, Mosquito Squad of Northwestern Wisconsin would like to remind you to eliminate standing water within your yard, wear clothing to cover exposed skin and apply insect repellents. In addition, you can have a professional company, such as Mosquito Squad of Northwest Wisconsin protect your yard with our traditional 21-day or All-natural 14-day Mosquito Barrier Treatments.

Don’t spend time indoors because of pesky mosquitoes when you could be out enjoying the outdoors in Northern Wisconsin to the fullest!



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